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A Todmorden Tale- a local fairy tale.

A Todmorden Tale- a local fairy tale.

This is a fairy tale written in the style of a traditional tale like those written down by the Brothers Grimm, set in Todmorden, West Yorkshire. It incorporates aspects of local history and folklore: the preindustrial cloth industry in the Pennines, fairy folklore, and snippets of the outlook and ideals of a modern Todmorden. There is a ‘further information’ section at the end of the book which briefly introduces some of the history and folklore of Todmorden and the Upper Calder Valley. 


It tied in with an event in the town which involved a group of people dressing up, hiding magical stones in the Incredible Edible community vegetable beds around Todmorden Market under a Good Friday, pink full moon, making lots of noise and then running a treasure hunt for children on Easter Saturday 2019.


Written and illustrated by Holly Elsdon, Centre for Folklore, Myth and Magic. This order will be fulfilled by the Centre for Folklore, Myth and Magic. All profits from the sale of this booklet will fund Folklore related community projects in the Calder Valley.


Price includes postage is for first class post in the UK. Please contact us for purchases outside the UK.

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