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The Centre’s activities will provide benefit to the community of Todmorden, and the Upper Calder Valley, through expansion of the tourism offer, education opportunities, links to well-being through exploration of landscape- walking- and the benefits of storytelling, community cohesion, economic regeneration, promoting intercultural and intergenerational understanding, preservation of heritage and environment, including the wider community to engage with storytelling, art, drama, music, dance and craft, and recognition for Todmorden through the setting up of an academic research centre, archive and resource unit.


Expanding Todmorden’s offer through museum type/ art exhibitions as well as events including talks and conferences and workshops, working towards a multi-attraction approach, the Centre will contribute to Todmorden’s growing reputation nationally and internationally and boost economic regeneration.

Exploration of landscape

Engaging adults and children with landscape and place through storytelling, art, workshops, promoting social and community cohesion and well-being through connection to place and walking as well as solidifying links with the focus on sustainable living already apparent in Todmorden and looking at changing narratives concerning human’s role and relation to nature at both a local and global level.

Community cohesion

Through shared narrative and local history- we will be recording and archiving oral folk history with a resource unit accessible to local and wider community, as well as presenting as part of a permanent exhibition of local folklore, customs and beliefs.


Using stories and metaphor to promote well-being, dealing with issues such as overcoming adversity, promoting equality and diversity, addressing social and cultural issues. Using storytelling to promote and develop ideas around sustainability and more environmentally friendly living. Developing curriculum linked learning opportunities for children outside the classroom, encouraging literacy as well as confidence and independence.


Offering alternative learning with emphasis on imagination and creativity using art, drama, craft, storytelling, dance, music and land skills for adults and children, a space for others in the community to share skills.

Links to museums, academic institutions and other organisations nationally

Bringing an opportunity for sharing ideas, bringing knowledge, talks, exhibitions and events to Todmorden, providing best practice, linking Todmorden with a wider national network.

Research unit

Recognition for Todmorden as part of a wider network of an expanding body of work in the field of folklore, links to academics and universities nationally, benefits to community through an understanding of underlying concepts and how they feed into everyday contemporary living. Public access resources and workspace facilities will enable the wider community to access ideas as part of their own personal endeavours, research and arts practice.

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